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Please check our list below to troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing with your cooling or heating unit.

Air Ducts/Balancing/Zoning
Air Filtration Systems
Air Purification UV Light
Blocked Air Filter
Blower Fan
Blower Motor
Breaker / Fuses
Burners / Heat Assembly
Burnt / Loose Wiring Heating
Capacictor / Heating
Circuit Board
Condenser Coil Leak
Condensor / Fan Motor
Condenser Fan
Damper Motor
Defrost Control Heat Pump
Electronic Ignition Control
Evaporator Air Restriction
Expansion Valve
Limit Controls
Fan Belt

Older furnaces have blowers that are driven by belts instead of directly by a motor.

What can cause this to fail?

  • Age of Part
  • Belt has worn due to tension adjustment off
  • Worn Pulley
  • Mis-alignment of pulley or wheel
Gas Valve
Heat Exchanger (Carbon Monoxide Danger
Ignitor Flame Sensor
Indoor Cooling Coil Leak
Inducer Fan Motor
Liquid Suction Drier
Pilot Light
Refrigerant Balancing
Safety Pressure Switch
Start Kit for Compressor
Suction Line Accumulator
Surge Protection FAQ
Water Leak